Story behind the story for better world heart!

Over the face of the planet Earth, a white bird elegantly flew with blue-toned white wings. She was returning home to her fairy home, in the Land of the fairy key. 

During the flight she saw mist dissipating through the sky. She flew closer and noticed seven reflecting dots that were forming the shape of a heart. The unexpected phenomenon took her by surprise. She decided to fly closer. The closer she was, the more she felt vibrations that emanated from the heart. She hesitated for a few moments, but then dove down through the veil of mist towards the seven glowing dots.

Suddenly she found herself in front of a beautiful landscape of tall mountains. Above them, in the light of a waking day, the first morning rays were dancing. The rays illuminated the fields along the mountain ridge and warmed the morning dew with a touch of purity and tranquility.

In the distance she heard lighthearted laughter. She flew closer, and between the white flowers she noticed a few children. They were holding each others' hands while dancing a dance of an awakening spring. She thought they were charming and adorable.

She flew on, and not far away by the spring she spotted a girl. The girl was sitting next to her friend holding his hand.

"What a beautiful planet," she sighed, and flew on. The bird's flight was accompanied by the echo of her voice that was disappearing into the silence of the morning, and it echoed, "What a beautiful planet."

The bird felt LOVE in the air.

And she flew on over the vast landscape to the distant cities, where in some places she felt the opposite sensations: FATIGUE, INDIFFERENCE, and NO COMPASSION linked with pain that was cutting into her innocent heart.

The strong contrasts of the planet Earth were staggering.

She flew back towards the endless blue horizon, back towards her elf land. On the way she had an epiphany that the Earth, despite its pristine BEAUTY, lost the essence of its key to LOVE. She decided to approach Earth and help it return the lost key of LOVE to the people. She knew that with it, there would be values of FORGIVENESS, BEAUTY, ABUNDANCE, GRATITUDE, COMPASSION, LOVE, HAPPINESS, values of her fairy world, and values of the seven glowing dots.

Namaarie (Goodbye!)

Fairy Alenčica



Hello there!

In life it's never too late to fulfill ideas that come from within us and are part or our mission, our VISION.

I am Alenka Kos.

My home country is Slovenia. It's small, but a beautiful piece of our planet.

Exactly 40 years ago I barely survived a severe car accident. From that fatal day I started stressing myself too much with death.

Those were the hard days of my childhood, which lasted several years until, by coincidence, in one of my traumas,  I "met" an fairy creature. This was an encounter that left a deep mark on me. In my thoughts I named this creature– my dear elf.

In those days, I started to create a better childhood world for myself with her. And so the life moved on with all the ups and downs, which personally enriched me, strengthened my powers, and brought out my desires.

After the birth of my fourth child, a cute and chatetive little girl– Mariška, I remembered my childhood vision. Reading her all the nicest children's stories has again awakened my vision of a fairytale for a better world. I decided to start making it happen.

On the 19th of June, 2010 I stepped on the path of my VISION.

Let's unite the world in good, unite the world in a spectrum of values.

As the world renowned saying says— that the GOOD needs to be shared with the people in the world, I decided to step also among you.