About us

Hi, I am Alenka Kos, co-founder of Vilinski ključ (the Fairy key of love) - Society for better world. 

A little more about me

For me everything became different in early spring 1975, when I was hit by a car and lied in a coma for fourteen days. Two months after the accident my body healed completely, but my mind did not. I was scared – too scared of dying to truly live. After a few years I met a fairy. I named her “My Fairy,” and she helped me to conquer my fears and feel free again. In 1983 I met my husband, an artist, and together we built a wonderful family and decorated a lot of Slovenian buildings with his paintings. 2008 was also a very special year for me, because this is when I started to use a computer and found out that it offers much more than playing "Worms" who destroy each other :). This was also the time when I moved from a romantic, artistic world into the world of public auctions, bankers and bankruptcy managers. Together with a team we developed a webpage to bring the auctions from a relatively closed community to the people, making them more clear and easily accessible.

After three years I founded a non-profit organization, Vilinski Ključ. We organized a lot of charity events, helped different children and people in need. Soon I realized that the biggest gift you can share with a person is knowledge, because it is one of those things that can prevent the cause of problems even before an effect.

With a unique business model, which connects the public and the business sector, I manage to visit more than 13,000 children in the schools around Slovenia and talk with them about the important things in their lives. I hope that with your help we can return the values in the world on an even bigger scale. Thank you, people, all over the world. Let's do this together heart.

This is my husband, Boris Kos, the painter of almost all our illustrations you can find on our website. He is in love with sport, nature and all that can be put on the canvas. He often says that we found the biggest accomplishment in our lives, when we unit the beauty of work and the beauty of soul."









My eldest son Staš, helps me bringing my ideas to life, and also brings me back to the real world when I fly to high in the sky. He has been also the project manager for our kickstarter campaign.








A cute fairy– Rebecca Svetina, your fellow American, helped me with this story. She translated these words from Slovene to English that I am dedicating to you.


I'm originally from Pittsburgh, PA. I came to Slovenia over 5 years ago to study the Slovene language, research my Slovene ancestry, and travel Europe. Now I am an English teacher, graphic designer, and illustrator. My husband is from Bled, Slovenia, and we spend weekends hiking in the Alps. We love discovering the rich culture and finding new adventures Slovenia has to offer– from the beautiful mountain lakes and rivers to the Adriatic coastline. 




My eldest daughter, Leja is also a very unique person. Eight times national champion in climbing, needs to experience everything by herself, love to travel and to argue J. She helps me with my projects, especially regarding nature. That is why she is the protector of trees. Currently she is located in Australia.






The smallest but the loudest in the family is Mariša, the youngest of all. She presents the main character in my trilogy tales - The lost key of LOVE in the Land of Fairy key. She is my "teacher" smiley, everywhere in my life. She often said to me: “My greatest happiness is my family. I am grateful for her”. She said that most often when we are in the supermarket :).








Maja Svetina - a hairdresser for your four-legged pets - http://www.pasjisalon.si/
Sometimes she helps us in our presentations. In my fairy tales is the fairy protector of animals.

Maja: "We must respect the nature and animals because the world without them would be like a rainbow without colors".